The end of tenancy cleaning reality or all the things no one tells you about when you’re moving in

You have just found that magical rented property – the one and only, the absolute perfection in the real estate market, the place you can calmly call your home, because it feels like home, it is so you, so safe and cozy, everything you have looked for. Life is pretty nice and you – perfectly happy. But do you know what no one will ever tell you in that particular moment – no one, the fact that after 2 years or after 5, you will have to leave this paradise and find a new one, that your rent agreement will eventually come to an end and through tears you will have to start house hunting again, with your heart broken and a piece of it always staying there, in that home, the misery won’t be complete then, but you will have to clean your absolute favorite for one last time and it won’t be a normal cleaning, it is the nightmare and the greatest fear of so many – the end of tenancy cleaning.


It is like a bolt from the blue – you have just understood that this so called end of tenancy cleaning is something a lot more serious than you expected and that there would be even an inspection in the end, one with checklist and a grumble, who will check every single surface for dust, all fabrics for stain, every corner for cobweb, every appliance for grease. It all seems so pessimistic that you can hardly remember the time when life was nice and your home stunningly perfect. However, there is one simple solution, the rescue, the deliverance – check online and contact one of the best London’s cleaners, a team will arrive fully equipped then and perform a clean-up, assuring you an inspection pass. And, oh, they will save you all the trouble.